“The preciousness of a piece of jewellery should not be evaluated purely based on its content of precious or semi-precious stones; it is essential to take into account the quality of the workmanship, the precision of the finish and the wearability of the piece: every detail is important.”

Cesare De Vecchi

Milan-born Cesare De Vecchi followed in the family tradition by becoming a goldsmith and jeweller.

Having trained during the difficult years of post-war Italy, he began to ply his trade at his father’s workshop. Over time, he developed a comprehensive mastery of all of the phases in the processing of a piece of jewellery: from the initial concept to the details of the execution. It is difficult to define whether his creations are objects of high craftsmanship or bona fide works of art; what is certain is that they are the fruit of a time-honoured understanding and an extraordinary level of precision.

Always in synch with current trends, De Vecchi has managed to develop a unique, inimitable style, characterised by great originality, ranging confidently from more classical stylistic features to forms typical of Art Déco and Art Nouveau, even throwing himself wholeheartedly into avant-garde designs.

Hard-headed and determined, he has worked as a goldsmith for more than fifty years, promoting both in Italy and overseas his unique pieces as the epitome of the very best in Italian manufacturing.

A family tradition

The De Vecchi jewellery workshop was established in 1945 by Giuseppe De Vecchi, who – starting out when he was just a boy – had served apprenticeships in the most prestigious Milanese workshops, learning all about the process of making and setting jewels whilst attending the School of Arts & Crafts and Design at the Cimabue Academy.

Located at first in Via Bigli, in 1954 the workshop was transferred to No. 8, Via Monte Napoleone, where it has remained ever since.

Cesare De Vecchi’s debut in the world of jewellery came in the Fifties. It was around the time of the move to the new premises that Cesare – having, like his father before him, completed his own apprenticeships at some of the most renowned Milanese goldsmiths – started to drop in, occasionally at first, on his father’s workshop.

Following the end of his schooling, in the early 1970s, Cesare decided to work for his father on a full-time basis and became increasingly passionate about – and committed to – the art of jewellery making. During this period, he would often visit other workshops to develop his familiarity with the myriad techniques involved in the production of high-quality jewellery.

Cesare De Vecchi’s brooches are one of the company’s most stylish lines – traditional brooch designs are reinterpreted in a modern key to make them suitable for wearing every day, adding more than a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

The maestro’s creations are ‘conversation pieces’ with roots that go deep into the time-honored traditions of Italian jewellery making. With their evocative, fashionable designs, they have what it takes to enter a refined clientele of customers throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

Déco and Art Nouveau

It is an experience that comes from far away, in-built in the artist’s genetics, it is the craftsmanship of him who is profoundly familiar with precious stones, of him who knows how to shape them with passion and devotes himself to this task with never-ending energy.

These are unique objects that evoke form, color and atmosphere of Déco and Art Nouveau, buttonhole or hat brooches for a man who loves refined and even provocative elegance. And also colliers and pendants, rings and bracelets, and brooches again, for a cultivated and refined, but never banal, lady.

The artistic avant-garde

Cesare De Vecchi knows how to interpret the spirit of his times and he is able to anticipate this spirit by creating precious objects to become fashion accessories for a refined and sophisticated public looking for strong emotions.

Here for you buckles, cuff-links, brooches and design buttons made of sterling silver, for a lady and a gentleman, inspired by an underground atmosphere involving those artists who have gone through the history of avant-gardes. But Cesare De Vecchi is himself avant-garde: he experiments with genus and stiles on the basis of an ancient knowledge of the craft, with the rigours employed by he who makes only unique, never serial, handmade pieces.

He bravely explores style’s aspects and offers them to an ageless public. That produces a number of precious objects that go perfectly together with the lapels of artificially faded man jackets, or brooches to decorate a casual suit or dress or even a tuxedo, or cuff-links and rings, or bracelets and wristwatches indeed for a man, shameless and perfectly conscious of his fascination, but that even a lady enjoys to wear.

How a jewel is born

The secrets of the excellence of the lines “Avanguardie” and “Between Archaic and Mythological”

Cesare De Vecchi’s jewel-accessory design comes from a free interpretation of drawings and sculptures by famous artists or historical periods to which he wants to pay homage. This involves careful reflection and a selection of works of art inspired by and analyzing the feasibility of the jewel with a new interpretation out of the traditional schemes.

Prior to the execution, Cesare de Vecchi devotes himself to preparing a manual sketch for the proportions, so according to the chosen project manually goes to the wax modeling or the preparation of metal elements and then assembles them.
During the various machining steps, great attention is paid to the assembling of the elements and their functionality so that with the prototype (model) realized, you can prepare the mold, taking also into account a serial production of a high level of the product. This sometimes involves the preparation of 2/3 molds for one piece. All the interventions are manual and of excellence.

The production chain is executed in Italy and, in some special cases, with the collaboration of external operators but with the supervision of the Master.
What distinguishes the brand Cesare De Vecchi, both in design and in the preparation and execution of the accessory, is the ductility of the wide proposal dedicated to women and men and the experience of more than 60 years in jewellery processing in platinum and high-grade gold.

All jewellery accessories are made of Sterling Silver (925 silver) and embedded stones are NOT synthetic.